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See It All

Mission: amplify the voice of the military storyteller.

Parade Deck is an esteemed platform dedicated to the veteran community. Our core mission is to create a safe, secure, and constructive space for veterans to share their experiences, amplify their voices, and interact in a community that understands and upholds their values. 

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MIC 2023

Join Angelo and Natalia November 7-10 at Hilton       Resorts Las Vegas for an event unlike other. We will be at our friends and partners The Parade Deck stage.

MIC is the premier military-focused event for leaders, entrepreneurs, content creators, creatives, and brands who shape and support the military community. With eight tracks led by industry experts, whether you're transitioning from the military, serving in social impact, looking to start or scale your business, or looking to grow your network, there really is something for everyone.  Influence happens through advocacy, inspiration, innovation, and collaboration. 

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