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Military Matters

Featuring Host Anabel Hume with Founder/CEO Angelo Martinez and COO Natalia Earle of Barracks Legend Foundation. Full Interview 


The Healing Power of Humor: Comedy in the Military Community 

Military Comedy: In the tapestry of challenges faced by the military community, the power of humor emerges as an essential beacon of hope and resilience. Humor...more


Miami Improv and Palm Beach Kennel Club Host Barracks Legend Comedy Show

Thanks to the Barracks Legend Comedy Show, South Florida is about to witness two nights of spectacular comedy and heartfelt moments. The show is well-known for its hilarity and is set to take place on Oct 20th at iconic Miami Improv and...more

West Palm Sow.HEIC

Barracks Legend Comedy Show: Laughter for a Lifesaving Cause

Ready to crack a smile for a profound cause that matters? The prestigious Barracks Legend Comedy Show is about to light up South
Florida with two spectacular evenings filled with hilarity and heart. Mark your calendars for October 20th at the...more


Memorial Day 2023

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